On Invitations

An interesting e-mail arrived today–an invitation to a blogger conference/get-together in Raleigh, hosted by the local NBC station there. I’ll admit, it’s intriguing. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who got noticed in the blogosphere. The NBC station wants to have a sit-down with bloggers to talk about the role blogs can play inContinue reading “On Invitations”

Again, On Shire Reckoning

I’ve been asked if my Shire Reckoning WordPress plug-in would ever be available as a WordPress widget. As of today, it is. Installation is a snap. Download the .zip file. Extract the file and upload it to your widgets directory. Activate the Shire Widget plug-in. Then on your widget management screen, drag it to yourContinue reading “Again, On Shire Reckoning”