On the Songs I Love

Stolen shamelessly from Bill Leisner: Favorite Beatles song: “In My Life” Favorite solo Beatles song by John Lennon: “#9 Dream” Favorite solo Beatles song by Paul McCartney: “Live and Let Die” Favorite solo Beatles song by George Harrison: “What Is Life?” Favorite solo Beatles song by Ringo Starr: “Photograph” Favorite Rolling Stones song: “Paint itContinue reading “On the Songs I Love”

Carbon Leaf — "Indian Summer"

The latest Carbon Leaf CD, Indian Summer, came in the mail last week. I’ve been giving it some serious play time in my office stereo. Indian Summer, the band’s fifth studio album, marks a change in the band’s musical direction, with the eleven songs all falling squarely in the guitar-based pop groove and the CelticContinue reading “Carbon Leaf — "Indian Summer"”

Going to a Concert

Tonight the Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morissette are playing at Alltel Pavillion here in Raleigh. I have a ticket for lawn seating. The weather forecast looks promising–clear, high temperature in the mid-70s. Should be fun. Joe Keeton, my old college roommate (currently a debate coach for Bronx Science) hailed from New Jersey, by way ofContinue reading “Going to a Concert”

Five questions

I’ve seen this feature on several other blogs, and out of curiosity I decided to give the Friday Five a look. Five questions, nothing probing, but that may illuminate unique personality aspects. But it’s Monday, not Friday, so aren’t I a bit late? Timeliness has never been one of my strong points. The most recentContinue reading “Five questions”