A Blow Against Greed

Baseball fans received a wake-up call yesterday. An Associated Press article by Ronald Blum relates, “Washington’s new baseball team shut down business and promotional operations indefinitely Wednesday as its move to the nation’s capital teetered on the brink of collapse. The decision by Major League Baseball followed the District of Columbia’s decision Tuesday night toContinue reading “A Blow Against Greed”

Random World Series Thoughts

America needs you, Al Leiter. The FOX broadcasting team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver just isn’t the same without you there. Former Cubs third basemen Mark Bellhorn and Bill Mueller are doing well for themselves. Why does FOX keep using the music from Requiem for a Dream to promote their football, NASCAR, and baseballContinue reading “Random World Series Thoughts”

Three happenings

Two Lord of the Rings thoughts. First, The Two Towers video game was released last week for the PlayStation2. For fans anxiously awaiting the Special Edition DVD release of Fellowship of the Ring or the December theatrical release of The Two Towers this game should probably find its way to your video game console. NotContinue reading “Three happenings”