Cal Ripken and My College Summer Job

Though I have never met a Baltimore Oriole, I have a brief, personal connection with one specific Oriole — Cal Ripken, Jr. In 1998, on summer break from the University of Richmond, I took a job with GEFA (formerly First Colony Life Insurance) in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was a job in their financial accounting department,Continue reading “Cal Ripken and My College Summer Job”

Link Round-Up: December 15

Our second link round-up! These are things I read today that interested me, with some commentary on what I read and what I thought. BBC World Service: Space – The BBC World Service has begun an occasional podcast series of podcasts on an astronomy/space exploration theme. As of right now, there are four episodes, rangingContinue reading “Link Round-Up: December 15”

On End-of-Season Baseball Musings

With the playoffs beginning today, I wanted to muse on things baseball-related. First, why does a team advance to the playoffs as a wild card when there’s a tie for division champion? I’m not trying to exclude Boston from the playoffs, but it’s a fair question. Boston didn’t win their division. The Tigers and theContinue reading “On End-of-Season Baseball Musings”

On Fixing Baseball

Dear Bud Selig, Today, or possibly tomorrow, but certainly by Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Pirates will set a record for baseball — and a record for the four major sports in North America. Pittsburgh will have its seventeenth consecutive losing season. Seventeen years. Their last winning season was in 1992. There are probably people reading thisContinue reading “On Fixing Baseball”

On More Baseball Excitement

At work random drawings are sometimes held for baseball tickets. Sometimes the Orioles. Sometimes the nearby minor league team, the Aberdeen Ironbirds (though, I should note, they don’t begin play until mid-June). Last year I won tickets to the Ironbirds twice, but never the O’s. Last night, I scored Orioles tickets. My second baseball gameContinue reading “On More Baseball Excitement”