On Last Night's House

Spoilers, obviously. The last scene made me think of Minority Report, frankly. I think we’ve entered phildickian territory, House died of his overdose, and the final scene (and everthing beyond it) is just House’s final thoughts before the end. So at this point, whatever happens doensn’t matter. It’s just a dream. That’s my story, andContinue reading “On Last Night's House”

On the House Season Finale

Last night closed out the first season of FOX’s critically acclaimed and hightly rated medical drama, House. Here’s the story. Stacy Warner, once the love of Doctor Greg House’s life, asks him to examine her husband–he’s having abdominal pains and bouts of paranoia. House, against his better judgment, agrees, but Mark, the husband, puts offContinue reading “On the House Season Finale”

On House

From an article in today’s Raleigh’s News & Observer entitled “Fox’s bitter medicine man a hit”– Hugh Laurie was quite likely the last person anyone imagined would star in Fox’s hit medical series “House.” Creator David Shore loved Laurie’s British sketch show “A Bit of Fry and Laurie,” but couldn’t imagine that anyone best knownContinue reading “On House”

Random World Series Thoughts

America needs you, Al Leiter. The FOX broadcasting team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver just isn’t the same without you there. Former Cubs third basemen Mark Bellhorn and Bill Mueller are doing well for themselves. Why does FOX keep using the music from Requiem for a Dream to promote their football, NASCAR, and baseballContinue reading “Random World Series Thoughts”