On Health Care Reform, Then and Now

Saturday mornings I have a routine. I get up. I fix coffee. I eat a bowl of cereal. I listen to Weekend Edition Saturday on NPR. This has been my routine for pretty much the past three years; prior to that, I always worked on Saturdays, and thus Weekend Edition wasn’t something I could listenContinue reading “On Health Care Reform, Then and Now”

On The Writer’s Almanac

The Writer’s Almanac. It’s a public radio program distributed by American Public Media that appears on some NPR stations. Garrison Keillor spends about five minutes reading poetry, talking about interesting facts about the day in history, talking about writers who were born and died on the day in question. I like the program. But IContinue reading “On The Writer’s Almanac”

On Scott Simon and the Boy Scouts

I like to listen to Weekend Edition Saturday. It’s Scott Simon. I love his voice. It’s deep. Sometimes it’s dramatic. Sometimes it’s excitable. Sometimes it’s mirthful. He uses his voice the way a violinist plays his instrument. He gets exactly the right pitch and timbre for the story he’s telling, the news he’s relating. He’sContinue reading “On Scott Simon and the Boy Scouts”

On Joy In Wrigleyville

Is there a better sports writer than Frank Deford? Deford has a weekly segment on NPR’s Morning Edition, where he waxes poetic on current events in sport. It’s just just the way DeFord puts the words together but the inflection of his voice that makes his weekly segment compelling listening. This week Deford turned hisContinue reading “On Joy In Wrigleyville”