On Scott Simon and the Boy Scouts

I like to listen to Weekend Edition Saturday. It’s Scott Simon. I love his voice. It’s deep. Sometimes it’s dramatic. Sometimes it’s excitable. Sometimes it’s mirthful. He uses his voice the way a violinist plays his instrument. He gets exactly the right pitch and timbre for the story he’s telling, the news he’s relating. He’sContinue reading “On Scott Simon and the Boy Scouts”

On the Heir to Progressivism

I’m not going to write much on the Iowa Caucus results from last night. The candidate I’m pulling for, the candidate I’ve given money to — former Senator John Edwards — came in second on the Democratic side with thirty percent of the vote, behind Senator Barack Obama (with 37 percent) and ahead of SenatorContinue reading “On the Heir to Progressivism”

On a Reason to Vote

I found myself talking with an acquaintance last night about, naturally, the presidential primary process. I’d heard that he was working as a volunteer for Mitt Romney’s campaign (which, as I’ve mentioned before, I won’t be voting for, though that would only come into play in the general election), and I wanted to know howContinue reading “On a Reason to Vote”