Funko’s Teddy Roosevelt POP! Figure

Last week, I bought Funko POP! figure — Teddy, one of the Washington Nationals’ racing presidents. This was only the second Funko POP! figure I’ve ever bought. The first time I would have written about these stylized figures would have been in August 2010, specifically for figures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker, … Continue reading Funko’s Teddy Roosevelt POP! Figure

Two Days on the Island

The Washington Nationals’ Racing Presidents were coming to Harrisburg. Though my Harrisburg Senators ticket plan is for Sundays, earlier in the season I swapped out one of my tickets for the Saturday when the Racing Presidents would be on City Island. And, like last year, the appearance by the Presidents coincided with the annual Pink … Continue reading Two Days on the Island

Is Captain Kirk a Republican?

The New York Times Magazine ran an interview with Ted Cruz yesterday. It’s an interview to promote his new book, but he segues into pop culture — Spider-Man, Star Wars, and Star Trek. While it’s interesting to read a sitting United States Senator talk about Darth Vader, it’s his Star Trek comments that have garnered … Continue reading Is Captain Kirk a Republican?

On Thinking Ahead to Weekend Plans

Here it is, only Monday, and already I’m thinking about the weekend ahead. One thing on the calendar? The Baltimore Comic-Con! I’m not sure why I’m excited by this. I just go to look, shake a few people’s hands, gaze upon people whose work I’ve followed for years and… welll… that’s about it. I’m not … Continue reading On Thinking Ahead to Weekend Plans

On Creativity, Comic Books, and TR

I have been feeling creative of late. More creative than I’ve felt recently. A number of projects that were running in background processes and had begun to come up “Not Responding” on the mental Task Manager have started running again. And I’ve realized I’ve not put together the “Yankees Suck” sign yet; I need to … Continue reading On Creativity, Comic Books, and TR

On The Stalwart Companions

Long time Allynologists know two things. 1) I am a Sherlock Holmes student/fan/scholar. 2) I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. Over the weekend, I bought a book that brought the two together — H. Paul Jeffers’ The Stalwart Companions. Originally published in the late-1970s, The Stalwart Companions is an hitherto untold Sherlock Holmes tale that … Continue reading On The Stalwart Companions