On Thinking Ahead to Weekend Plans

Here it is, only Monday, and already I’m thinking about the weekend ahead. One thing on the calendar? The Baltimore Comic-Con! I’m not sure why I’m excited by this. I just go to look, shake a few people’s hands, gaze upon people whose work I’ve followed for years and… welll… that’s about it. I’m notContinue reading “On Thinking Ahead to Weekend Plans”

On the 2009 Baltimore Comic-Con

While much of Baltimore had its attentions focused on the changing foliage or the Ravens/Bengals game, I went downtown to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Some people go to conventions to meet people, or to buy things, or to get autographs. In a very real way, those things, especially the last two, don’t hold much meaning forContinue reading “On the 2009 Baltimore Comic-Con”