On the 2009 Baltimore Comic-Con

While much of Baltimore had its attentions focused on the changing foliage or the Ravens/Bengals game, I went downtown to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Some people go to conventions to meet people, or to buy things, or to get autographs. In a very real way, those things, especially the last two, don’t hold much meaning forContinue reading “On the 2009 Baltimore Comic-Con”

On the Lantern Corps

So, DC Comics has this event going, Blackest Night. It’s a Green Lantern crossover, involving all sorts of different Lantern Corps — Green Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns and Red Lanterns and Blue Lanterns. And zombie Black Lanterns. I don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t bought the first issue, but it’s out on the standsContinue reading “On the Lantern Corps”