On Allyn’s Second Adventure in New York

A few days ago, I went to New York City. I had it all planned out. I was going to go to The Cloisters, I was going to see their exhibition of the Lewis Chessmen, and… well, that really was all I had planned. Which caused problems when I discovered upon arriving there, due toContinue reading “On Allyn’s Second Adventure in New York”

On Allyn’s Adventures In New York

Yesterday, being a lovely spring day with nothing to do at the office, I took a vacation day and went to New York City. Why? Because I wanted to go to The Cloisters to see the Lewis Chessmen. However, when I planned my trip I neglected to look online to see when The Cloisters wasContinue reading “On Allyn’s Adventures In New York”

On The Stalwart Companions

Long time Allynologists know two things. 1) I am a Sherlock Holmes student/fan/scholar. 2) I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. Over the weekend, I bought a book that brought the two together — H. Paul Jeffers’ The Stalwart Companions. Originally published in the late-1970s, The Stalwart Companions is an hitherto untold Sherlock Holmes tale thatContinue reading “On The Stalwart Companions”