On Getting Away for the Weekend

Yesterday, I took my first weekend off since October and decided to drive up to Lynchburg and visit my brother and sister. Two pretty days for a drive. The weather was been fantastic, and the backcountry of North Carolina and Virginia were eye-opening. I saw mountains again, mountains. One bad thing, no cell phone signalContinue reading “On Getting Away for the Weekend”

On Sherlockian Ponderings

Yesterday going through e-mail I came across a call for submissions to a Sherlock Holmes collection of scholarly ponderings, satire, and pasticherie. I’m not much for satire, I’ve written a few pastiches in my time, and decided, on a lark, to e-mail back the editor with a slightly silly idea for a scholarly pondering, aContinue reading “On Sherlockian Ponderings”

The Words That Won't Write

An e-mail just won’t write itself. For an hour I’ve wrestled with the words. Sometimes they sound pretentious. Sometimes they sound condescending. And it’s not even an important e-mail. It’s just a response on a mailing list. I want to offer my perspective on the subject at hand. Even though I know the point IContinue reading “The Words That Won't Write”

Going to a Concert

Tonight the Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morissette are playing at Alltel Pavillion here in Raleigh. I have a ticket for lawn seating. The weather forecast looks promising–clear, high temperature in the mid-70s. Should be fun. Joe Keeton, my old college roommate (currently a debate coach for Bronx Science) hailed from New Jersey, by way ofContinue reading “Going to a Concert”

Vacation and Shore Leave

Over the weekend I attended the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, Maryland. I started going in 2000 and it has become something of an annual tradition. This year, however, was the first where I attended as a guest, due to the publication of Ring Around the Sky and a story in the No Limits anthology,Continue reading “Vacation and Shore Leave”

On the Picard who fought at Trafalgar

What I’m wanting to do is write a story about the Picard who fought at Trafalgar, mentioned in Star Trek: Generations, and I am trying to settle on a name for the historical Picard’s ship, though perhaps giving the French frigate the same (or a similar) name as the Starfleet vessel his descendant commanded fiveContinue reading “On the Picard who fought at Trafalgar”