Drabble-y Goodness

What is a drabble, you ask? A drabble is a short story of precisely one hundred words. No more. No less. I write drabbles for fun. Usually as a writing warm-up exercise. Occasionally for profit, when for Pocket’s Strange New Worlds VI contest two years ago I submitted many drabbles for consideration. (Come to think … Continue reading Drabble-y Goodness

Vacation and Shore Leave

Over the weekend I attended the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, Maryland. I started going in 2000 and it has become something of an annual tradition. This year, however, was the first where I attended as a guest, due to the publication of Ring Around the Sky and a story in the No Limits anthology, … Continue reading Vacation and Shore Leave

Allyn's Crackpot Theory: Why Zak Kebron Wears a Gravity Belt

It’s stated in one of the earlier New Frontier books that Zak Kebron needs to wear a gravity belt to function in the lower-than-Brikar-normal gravity (i.e., Earth gravity) environment of the USS Excalibur. That doesn’t make a lot of sense; humans can function tolerably well in the zero-gee environment of low Earth orbit, and the … Continue reading Allyn's Crackpot Theory: Why Zak Kebron Wears a Gravity Belt

Allyn's Crackpot Theory: The New Frontier Chronology

A slightly heretical thought here. Is “Double Time” even necessary in Star Trek: New Frontier continuity anymore? If you ignore the reference in Double or Nothing to the Dominion War being over, and treat that novel as following immediately on the heels of Once Burned‘s framing story, then New Frontier continuity lines up roughly where … Continue reading Allyn's Crackpot Theory: The New Frontier Chronology

New Star Trek: New Frontier News

While this piece of news was announced several weeks ago on several Star Trek news websites, I’ve held off making the announcement here until the story in question was finished. I was asked to submit a short story for the upcoming Star Trek: New Frontier anthology, No Limits, due out this October. New Frontier, for … Continue reading New Star Trek: New Frontier News

Recent Ramblings

Pocket’s Strange New Worlds contest for this year closes on Tuesday, and I made four submissions this year. I liked this year’s batch of stories. One I’ve mentioned before, about Wesley Crusher and the man he replaced at the Enterprise-D’s conn. Another was about Robin Lefler and her nightmares. The third story was about Ezri … Continue reading Recent Ramblings

Not coming soon to a theatre near you

Star Trek fans received some disturbing news today–the scenes with Wil Wheaton and Ashley Judd in Star Trek Nemesis were cut from the film for running time reasons. According to published reports Wheaton and Judd reprised their roles as Wesley Crusher and Robin Lefler for the tenth Trek film as guests at the wedding reception … Continue reading Not coming soon to a theatre near you