Reflections on Ten Years

Wednesday marked my tenth anniversary at Diamond Comic Distributors. Part of Diamond’s culture revolves around the daily “Service Anniversaries” e-mail. HR sends out an e-mail to the entire company acknowledging those employees who are celebrating an anniversary, and then people throughout the company, some you’ll know, some you won’t, will send you congratulations. Suffice itContinue reading “Reflections on Ten Years”

An Angel Tree Package for the Office

As the company has done for a number of years, a Christmas tree was put up in the lobby and, a few days after Thanksgiving, Angel Tree stockings were hung. I had decided long ago to participate in the Angel Tree program this year and, when I was passing by the lobby area on otherContinue reading “An Angel Tree Package for the Office”

Rebel Rebel

Today was Purple Friday at the office. As will many more Fridays over the coming months. It baffles me at times that, at the office, whenever the Baltimore Ravens play a home game we can were Ravens gear, but Orioles gear happens only once a year, on Opening Day. What’s especially baffling is that ourContinue reading “Rebel Rebel”

An Eeyore Day at the Office

Yesterday work passed in a haze of malaise and gloom. I can chalk that up, in part, to the catalog section I was working on. Sixty-four pages of catalog copy. Around page 10 it felt endless. At page 30 it felt impossible. At page 45 it felt interminable. The word “orrery,” used precisely, is inContinue reading “An Eeyore Day at the Office”

This Year’s Angel Tree Package

Last week was… not the best. I should clarify. It wasn’t bad. It was simply stressful. And hectic. And tense. And all of the things that a week that where the catalog and orders go to press usually is. Thankfully, the week ended with the Nerd Prom — the Employee Appreciation Party (or the ChristmasContinue reading “This Year’s Angel Tree Package”

On the Annual Bowling Outing

I went bowling today. At the office we have a Christmas tradition. The department goes bowling in December. But then we stopped having the annual Christmas bowling outing. Two years ago we went for a laser tag outing with the Sales department. And last year we didn’t do any team-building activities at Christmas. Today, then,Continue reading “On the Annual Bowling Outing”