An Angel Tree Package for the Office

As the company has done for a number of years, a Christmas tree was put up in the lobby and, a few days after Thanksgiving, Angel Tree stockings were hung. I had decided long ago to participate in the Angel Tree program this year and, when I was passing by the lobby area on otherContinue reading “An Angel Tree Package for the Office”

On Flashpoint and the New DC Universe

Two weeks ago, I ruminated on DC Comics’ Flashpoint event and what it might mean for Batman comics. Well, earlier this week, DC Comics announced what’s coming down the road — the DC Universe as we know it will change radically in September. Comics fandom has been beside itself since Tuesday trying to figure outContinue reading “On Flashpoint and the New DC Universe”

On the Justice League and the Justice Society

The on-again, off-again film based on DC Comics’ Justice League appears to be off again. Years of development heck wasted. The present Justice League project seemed cursed from the very beginning. From script issues (and the Writers Guild strike) to casting problems to location uncertainty (would be it Canada? would it be Australia?), Justice LeagueContinue reading “On the Justice League and the Justice Society”

On Super-Hero Movie Casting

At work this week, for obvious reasons, we’ve been talking Justice League. Warners pulled the plug on the film, and I think comic fans everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. Somehow, this led to the suggestion that maybe a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold film would be a good idea. Two largely unknown characters, done inexpensively. Naturally,Continue reading “On Super-Hero Movie Casting”

On Justice League: The Final Frontier

Imagine this: Batman vs. Worf. Batman vs. Zak Kebron. Batman vs. Si Cwan. Okay, Batman wins all three fights. Handily. Imagine this one: Batman vs. Calhoun. Okay, Batman wins that one, too. Okay, so if there were to be a JLA/Star Trek crossover, we probably shouldn’t have it be hero vs. hero; no one canContinue reading “On Justice League: The Final Frontier”