On the Coming Star Trek/Doctor Who Crossover

Star Trek has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; one of my earliest clear memories is of the Animated Series and I think I remember a commercial for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  (I do, however, remember a commercial for Alien, even though at six I was farContinue reading “On the Coming Star Trek/Doctor Who Crossover”

On The Weird Things From My Keyboard

Sometimes I shock even myself. Yes, I did, in fact, in all seriousness, suggest a “Star Trek Meets The Vampire Lestat” crossover. But what would the reaction be? Well, I think I have it pegged right when I wrote: Though if there’s a homoerotic undertone to the meeting of Lestat and Picard, I think fandomContinue reading “On The Weird Things From My Keyboard”

On Justice League: The Final Frontier

Imagine this: Batman vs. Worf. Batman vs. Zak Kebron. Batman vs. Si Cwan. Okay, Batman wins all three fights. Handily. Imagine this one: Batman vs. Calhoun. Okay, Batman wins that one, too. Okay, so if there were to be a JLA/Star Trek crossover, we probably shouldn’t have it be hero vs. hero; no one canContinue reading “On Justice League: The Final Frontier”