David Frum on David Cameron and the GOP

David Frum, the former George W. Bush speechwriter, wrote a piece for The Atlantic about David Cameron’s general election victory and the lessons today’s GOP can take from it. I found the article misguided and unintentionally funny. Frum’s argument is that the GOP needs to make peace with Obamacare, reject politics of racial resentment, pursueContinue reading “David Frum on David Cameron and the GOP”

The Ben Carson Campaign

Thursday morning, on York Road, I saw a Cadillac slightly ahead of me bearing a “Ben Carson 2016” bumper sticker. If I could have jumped out of the Beetle, knocked on the window, and engaged the driver, a man of retirement age, in conversation, I would have asked him, “Why Ben Carson? What is itContinue reading “The Ben Carson Campaign”

Ted Cruz Needs a Dictionary

I’ve been saying this for years — Republicans are like Vizzini, the words they use do not mean what they think they mean. Writes Steve Benen at MSNBC: “Look, there’s no reason for ‘socialism’ to serve as a synonym for ‘stuff Republicans don’t like.’ It’s an actual word with a fairly specific meaning, involving publicContinue reading “Ted Cruz Needs a Dictionary”

Protecting John Boehner’s Speakership

There has been chatter the past week about a potential move by House Republicans to unseat Speaker John Boehner. I’ve laughed at this chatter, because it simply isn’t going to happen. I’ve laughed at Republicans who think that Ted Yoho or Louie Gohmert could become the next Speaker. I’ve laughed at Democrats who think thatContinue reading “Protecting John Boehner’s Speakership”

Why Tom Wolf Lost York County

The above-the-fold article in yesterday’s York Sunday News caught me interest immediately — “Why Tom Wolf lost his home county.” Wolf, of course, is Pennsylvania’s incoming governor; last month he defeated, quite handily, Tom Corbett. Corbett, a Republican, was, by any measure, a widely unpopular and ineffective governor, and Wolf ran on what I wouldContinue reading “Why Tom Wolf Lost York County”

The RNC: Normalizing the Unthinkable

Is the Republican Party trying to forment an armed rebellion against the government? I am forced to ask this question because of the fundraising e-mail I received today from the Republican National Committee. The e-mail from RNC press secretary Kirsten Kukowski begins: In just ONE week, under the tyrannical leadership of President Obama and theContinue reading “The RNC: Normalizing the Unthinkable”

Morning in America

The Republican National Committee emailed me again over the weekend. The first time was to get my input on who I thought their 2016 presidential nominee should be. I’ve done this before, and there wasn’t anything new to it, so I let it pass by. Yesterday, they sent me this: Allyn, “It’s morning again inContinue reading “Morning in America”

The RNC and “Conservative Principles”

Have I mentioned recently how much I enjoy receiving e-mail from the Republican National Committee? Though they’re never a box of chocolates, I never know what I’m going to get. Sometimes the e-mails read like they’re written in English-esque gobbledygoop. Other times, the RNC’s e-mails appear to originate from a universe one step removed fromContinue reading “The RNC and “Conservative Principles””

Fundraising and John Boehner’s Lawsuit

Today I have received more political fundraising e-mails than I can count. And, with one exception, they’ve all centered on the House GOP’s vote to sue President Obama. The Atlantic had a piece up today about the 21 fundraising emails the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out over the weekend about the lawsuit and itsContinue reading “Fundraising and John Boehner’s Lawsuit”