The Republican Veneration of the Undead Reagan

Over the weekend, a reporter for CNN asked several actual and potential GOP presidential candidates a simple question — Who is the greatest living president? Let’s look at our choices. Which former presidents are still living? Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush. Who did Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, and Donald TrumpContinue reading “The Republican Veneration of the Undead Reagan”

Morning in America

The Republican National Committee emailed me again over the weekend. The first time was to get my input on who I thought their 2016 presidential nominee should be. I’ve done this before, and there wasn’t anything new to it, so I let it pass by. Yesterday, they sent me this: Allyn, “It’s morning again inContinue reading “Morning in America”

On Writing About Bloom County

Life is strange sometimes. This morning, I’m writing an article about Bloom County. Growing up in the 1980s, I loved Bloom County. Sadly, at the span of twenty years since its ending, I remember very little of its original run, except for the extended sequence of strips where Bob Woodward wrote an expose on theContinue reading “On Writing About Bloom County”

On Ronald Reagan, Doctors, and the Republican Party

Last night in the Vice Presidential debate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin closed her remarks with a quotation of Ronald Reagan: It was Ronald Reagan who said that freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We don’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream; we have to fight for it and protect it,Continue reading “On Ronald Reagan, Doctors, and the Republican Party”

On Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen

On a mailing list I subscribe to, discussion turned recently to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen. The series were published in 1985 and 1986. Watchmen is credited with beginning the era of “realistic” superheroes, Dark Knight is credited with turning Batman “serious.” It was noted that theContinue reading “On Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen”