Interviewing a Personal Idol

Sometimes I get to write fun stuff. Recently a colleague at Diamond talked to me about the possibility of interviewing Berkeley Breathed by email about Bloom County and IDW Publishing’s forthcoming collection of the new comic strips, Bloom County Episode XI: A New Hope. I checked with her yesterday, and the interview was still upContinue reading “Interviewing a Personal Idol”

On Good Things on a Wednesday

One of those days… *sigh* So, let’s talk about all the positive things about today! Bloom County! I got the first volume of IDW Publishing’s complete collection of the classic 80s comic strip, collecting from its debut in early December 1980 to the end of September 1982. I sat on the train home tonight flippingContinue reading “On Good Things on a Wednesday”

On Writing About Bloom County

Life is strange sometimes. This morning, I’m writing an article about Bloom County. Growing up in the 1980s, I loved Bloom County. Sadly, at the span of twenty years since its ending, I remember very little of its original run, except for the extended sequence of strips where Bob Woodward wrote an expose on theContinue reading “On Writing About Bloom County”