The Resignation of Boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner has announced his intention to resign. A week ago, I speculated on his future prospects — House Republicans on his right flank were making noises about unseating him, and might he need Democratic votes to save his Speakership? The possibility of his resignation, mid-term, didn’t even occur to me;Continue reading “The Resignation of Boehner”

The Future of John Boehner

With a government shutdown looming — and potentially a debt ceiling showdown after that — John Boehner’s position as Speaker of the House may be on the line. A Republican Congressman from North Carolina has introduced a resolution to declare the Speaker’s chair vacant essentially as a warning to Boehner — “Cross us by ignoringContinue reading “The Future of John Boehner”

Protecting John Boehner’s Speakership

There has been chatter the past week about a potential move by House Republicans to unseat Speaker John Boehner. I’ve laughed at this chatter, because it simply isn’t going to happen. I’ve laughed at Republicans who think that Ted Yoho or Louie Gohmert could become the next Speaker. I’ve laughed at Democrats who think thatContinue reading “Protecting John Boehner’s Speakership”

Fundraising and John Boehner’s Lawsuit

Today I have received more political fundraising e-mails than I can count. And, with one exception, they’ve all centered on the House GOP’s vote to sue President Obama. The Atlantic had a piece up today about the 21 fundraising emails the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out over the weekend about the lawsuit and itsContinue reading “Fundraising and John Boehner’s Lawsuit”

The Coming Debt Ceiling Debacle

There’s a storm brewing in Washington these days. Funding for the government expires on Monday, and two weeks after that the nation’s debt ceiling needs to be raised. Republicans are willing to fund the government if the Affordable Care Act is defunded and/or repealed. Democrats aren’t about to eliminate the signature achievement of President Obama’sContinue reading “The Coming Debt Ceiling Debacle”

On Being Noticed by Rachel Maddow’s Producer

How’s this for fun? I got noticed by one of Rachel Maddow’s writers and producers on Twitter this afternoon. 🙂 A few months ago, Maddow hired Steve Benen, formerly of Washington Monthly, to work on MaddowBlog. I’d followed Benen’s work on WM‘s “Political Animal” blog for a number of years, and when Maddow hired himContinue reading “On Being Noticed by Rachel Maddow’s Producer”

On the Debt Ceiling Crisis and Its Endgame

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past two months or been hiding in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan, you are doubtless aware of an impending, though entirely manufactured, fiscal crisis about to hit the United States. Quite simply, on August 2nd the United States will reach its statutory debt limit. InContinue reading “On the Debt Ceiling Crisis and Its Endgame”

On the Aftermath of an Averted Government Shutdown

When I woke Saturday morning, the crisis I expected on Friday — a government shutdown — had been averted. At the last possible moment, President Obama and Speaker Boehner reached an agreement, the Republicans would give up on defunding Planned Parenthood and the EPA, and in exchange the Democrats would agree to slightly deeper spendingContinue reading “On the Aftermath of an Averted Government Shutdown”

On the Looming Government Shutdown

So, it’s likely to happen. Sometime later today, the United States federal government will shut down. Even though the Democrats and the Republicans are within a few billion dollars of spending on the 2011 budget, the real issue for Republicans isn’t the overall spending but specific funding for Planned Parenthood and environmental regulations. Democrats wantContinue reading “On the Looming Government Shutdown”