On More Coding Thoughts

Yes, I’ve been away. Crushing deadlines will that to a person. Tomorrow, I promise my long-awaited blog post on Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #4. It’s something I’ve been wrestling with for about two weeks now. At the moment, though, I’m going to write about where things are with my website redesign. 1)Continue reading “On More Coding Thoughts”

On Returning to Coding the Website

This week I returned to a long-delayed project — my website redesign. Every intention I had of having it finished months ago went fell by the wayside. I lost interest in blogging in the spring. Posts became sporadic. I didn’t even mention when this blog passed its tenth anniversary. (It was five weeks ago, inContinue reading “On Returning to Coding the Website”

On Writing with the WordPress Android App

Yesterday’s blog post I wrote on my phone. I didn’t plan that. It’s just how it happened. I knew what I wanted to blog about yesterday morning — a vacation in March, to see the Lewis chessmen in New York — and on the subway train I pulled out my notepad and started writing downContinue reading “On Writing with the WordPress Android App”

On the Week That Was

It’s been a week. Every month when the catalogs go to press, it’s a rougher week than usual. There’s last minute writing (often late night alcohol-fueled writing), long days at the office, and needless stress. This month, all of that was amped up to eleven. There were also spreadsheets to be entered into the CMS,Continue reading “On the Week That Was”

On Mad Thoughts of Blogging and Coding

This morning, I had a moment of insanity. Or rather, I had a random thought and then my brain simply would not let it go. Even now, it’s not entirely willing to disengage from the idea, even though I know it’s a stupid idea. It has to do with my website redesign, which I planContinue reading “On Mad Thoughts of Blogging and Coding”

On Working Through the Blog Coding

No, blogging world, I have not forgotten about you. I’ve been very, very busy, though I did squeeze in a Doctor Who drabble based on The Silmarillion. (Yes, really. Don’t be shocked. It works.) Last weekend I was in New Jersey for Philcon. I took off Friday and Monday. When I got back to theContinue reading “On Working Through the Blog Coding”

On the Ongoing Projects

Some updates on two ongoing projects. 1. The Website Redesign. Over the past forty-eight hours, I’ve been thinking about formatting the site for mobile browsers and how to achieve what I want. Yes, there are WordPress plug-ins to do this. But I like the idea of making something of my own. Conceptually, I understand whatContinue reading “On the Ongoing Projects”