On the Advice of Jed Bartlet

A few weeks ago I wrote about an article in The Atlantic that rated the fictional Presidents of film, much as Presidential historians today rate the real Presidents. The Atlantic article limited itself to presidents such as Bill Pullman in Independence Day, Michael Douglas in The American President, Kevin Kline in Dave. Martin Sheen’s JedContinue reading “On the Advice of Jed Bartlet”

On Sarah Palin, Tactics, and the Cynicism of John McCain

Yesterday, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain made his pick for his vice presidential running mate — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Who? To be frank, a week ago I hadn’t even heard of Sarah Palin. It’s my fault for not watching The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, I suppose. Here’s a quick biography. AgedContinue reading “On Sarah Palin, Tactics, and the Cynicism of John McCain”

On Joe Biden

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has picked his vice presidential running mate. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Joe Biden? I thought Obama was running as the candidate who was going to change Washington. How does picking an “inside the Beltway” Washington insider do that? Biden has been serving as Delaware’s Senator since Obama wasContinue reading “On Joe Biden”

On Obama and Space Policy

For some time, I’ve had one great reservation with Barack Obama as a potential President. Obama wanted to gut NASA, taking the funds for Constellation, the successor to the space shuttle, and channel them into funding education. One analysis of Obama’s education plan likened it to Hernando Cortez burning his boats when he landed inContinue reading “On Obama and Space Policy”

On Presidential Primary Thoughts

I’ve said very little about the ongoing primary battle between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past few weeks. The reason’s fairly simple — I don’t have a horse in this race. Maryland voted weeks ago, and I didn’t vote for either candidate. But whichever candidate receives the Democratic Party’s nomination in NovemberContinue reading “On Presidential Primary Thoughts”

On a Reason to Vote

I found myself talking with an acquaintance last night about, naturally, the presidential primary process. I’d heard that he was working as a volunteer for Mitt Romney’s campaign (which, as I’ve mentioned before, I won’t be voting for, though that would only come into play in the general election), and I wanted to know howContinue reading “On a Reason to Vote”