On Peanuts Comic Books

Today, BOOM! Studios made two announcements. One, they are renaming their kids imprint, formerly BOOM Kids!, to Kaboom! Two, they are going to be doing something with Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. What, precisely, BOOM! intends to do with Peanuts is unclear, though the teaser image certainly offers a tantalizing clue. Observe the “Peanuts” logo. It’s notContinue reading “On Peanuts Comic Books”

On Happiness is a Warm Blanket Day

My friend Terri suggested this about two months ago, and I couldn’t fault her thinking. I’ll let her words speak for themselves: Sleeping cuddled up with a nice warm blanket and a big cuddly cat is fun, too, but we don’t set aside a day for it. Perhaps we should. I am hereby starting aContinue reading “On Happiness is a Warm Blanket Day”

On New Avatars

Look for Allyn Gibson around the ‘net, and chances are there’s a little South Park Allyn attached to the posting. Which is fine, but I’ve been using some variant on that venerable icon for a number of years. I needed a new look. I’d branched out maybe a year ago; I started using my name,Continue reading “On New Avatars”

On Video, Charlie Brown!

Charles Schulz’s Charlie Brown characters are some of the most visible pop-culture icons in the world today. The comic strip ran for fifty years and is being reprinted in a comprehensive edition by Fantagraphics. A series of forty-some animated specials have won multiple awards over the past forty years. Snoopy advertises MetLife. These characters areContinue reading “On Video, Charlie Brown!”