On Counterfactual Doctor Who Musings

Over the weekend, with the world still in the afterglow of “A Study in Pink,” Sherlock‘s debut episode, reports began to surface in The Sun and The Daily Mail that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had been offered the role of the Doctor after David Tennant decided to leave. Really? The Sun? Really? The Daily Mail?Continue reading “On Counterfactual Doctor Who Musings”

On Living Through “The Big Bang”

Doctor Who. “The Big Bang.” My before-the-spoiler-cut review (because there may be people reading this who watch on the North American schedule) — I laughed. I got weepy. I was shocked — and amazed — at the audacity. The Doctor got bloody damn lucky. (I’ll explain later.) Overall, I think Steven Moffat played fair withContinue reading “On Living Through “The Big Bang””

On Doctor Who, the Pandorica, and the Legion of Super-Heroes

Doctor Who. :tardis: To quote Murray Gold, “Moffat, what have you done?” I could also quote the Master from “The Five Doctors,” but on the other hand that would be a spoiler, but on the gripping hand everyone already knows the quote, so I won’t quote it. Before I go all thinkie, I thought theContinue reading “On Doctor Who, the Pandorica, and the Legion of Super-Heroes”

On Doctor Who, Narrative, and Theories

Doctor Who inspires theories. I’ve had some interesting ones over the years, from what Jack Harkness might actually be (more interesting than the Face of Boe, let me tell you), to how Donna Noble was actually the TARDIS, to reset buttons, to a switcheroo in lieu of regeneration. Absolutely sensible, absolutely logical, and… Absolutely wrong.Continue reading “On Doctor Who, Narrative, and Theories”

On Allyn’s “The Eleventh Hour” Thoughts

This isn’t a review of Doctor Who‘s “The Eleventh Hour,” per se, which debuted on BBC1 over the wekeend. I am, honestly, still processing it. Running it in the background, so to speak. What this is, however, is collection of things I’ve written elsewhere, in response to others, about the episode, which serves as aContinue reading “On Allyn’s “The Eleventh Hour” Thoughts”

On Doctor Who’s “The End of Time”

The trouble with being a writer is that, occasionally, I’ll try and outthink a story as I’m reading it or watching it. Neil Gaiman wrote about this very thing in an introduction to a story or a novel I read a few years ago, that because he’s a storyteller, he knows the tricks and heContinue reading “On Doctor Who’s “The End of Time””

On Doctor Who and Narrative Perspective

Before this website becomes a Doctor Who-free zone for the week, because I don’t want to think about what I watched on BBC America last night, I wanted to share an observation and insight I’ve had. For a very long time, going back to the spring, I’ve thought that Russell T. Davies might not showContinue reading “On Doctor Who and Narrative Perspective”

On “New Doctor” Anticipation

So, in about two hours, we’ll know. We’ll know who David Tennant’s replacement is. We’ll know who the next Doctor will be. 🙂 BBC News has a rundown of the leading contenders. Leading, as in, these are the people the bookies in the UK are talking about. As if bookies know anything. The leading candidateContinue reading “On “New Doctor” Anticipation”

On “Journey’s End” and My Daft Theories

So, now I’ve seen it. Doctor Who. “Journey’s End.” Last week I posted some theories. “The Stolen Earth,” the fourth season’s penultimate episode, posed a number of questions, and suggested certain possibilities, and I offered my thoughts on what everything meant, and where “Journey’s End” would likely go. Much to my surprise, Jamie McCrimmon didContinue reading “On “Journey’s End” and My Daft Theories”