On LEGOs I Don’t Want

Using the power of Google, someone wanted to find information on “Lego Minifig George Bush.” And that brought the person to me. Specifically, to this post on LEGO videos, including LEGO-fied versions of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Halo 2 video game trailers. A post where I used words “LEGO” and “Minifig.” Minifig,Continue reading “On LEGOs I Don’t Want”

On Guantanamo’s Anniversary

As I wrote a week ago, today is the sixth anniversary of the opening of the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay for “enemy combatants.” Not prisoners of war with legal rights accorded the Geneva Conventions, but enemy combatants who exist in some sort of legal black hole. The ACLU has asked that people wear orangeContinue reading “On Guantanamo’s Anniversary”

On Olbermann’s Take on Iran

I wrote yesterday about the release of the NIE on Iran and the President’s press conference Tuesday morning. Neither event, truthfully, was particularly pleasant. Neither has had much play in the press, that I’ve seen. (Blogosphere, yes. Media, no.) Naturally, I wondered what Keith Olbermann would make of the release of the NIE and theContinue reading “On Olbermann’s Take on Iran”

On President Bush’s Teleprompter

Why doesn’t this surprise me? President Bush’s speeches spell out words phoentically on the teleprompter. The President’s phonetic pronunciation teleprompt was embarrassingly revealed when a marked-up draft of Mr Bush’s speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday briefly popped up on the UN website. The White House was left scrambling to explain the special guidanceContinue reading “On President Bush’s Teleprompter”

On the President’s Fuzzy Math

Thursday night, President Bush addressed the nation. He wanted to speak about the need to stay the course in Iraq. He made a most curious statement: “We thank the 36 nations who have troops on the ground in Iraq and the many others who are helping that young democracy.” Thirty-six countries have troops in IraqContinue reading “On the President’s Fuzzy Math”

On the Coming War With Iran

I wrote two weeks ago about the President’s decision to name the Iranian Republican Guard — one of the major branches of their military — a “global terrorist organization” and the implications that had for a potential military strike against Iran. Then I read this today, an article at DailyKos giving the perspective of aContinue reading “On the Coming War With Iran”

On the Next Step in the “War on Terror”

The United States is going to go to war with Iran. It will happen. The noise machine is already working. It is going to happen. And there’s not a thing Congress can do about it now. Why? Because President Bush has designated Iran’s Republican Guard, their elite military force, a “global terrorist.” And the AuthorizationContinue reading “On the Next Step in the “War on Terror””

On Contempt of Congress

Since taking control of Congress in January, the Democratically-controlled House and Senate have been investigating the role the White House played in the mass firings of eight US Attorneys last fall. Subpeonas were issued, some documents were turned over, and then, the capper. Former Bush aide (and Supreme Court nominee) Harriet Miers was subpeonaed and…Continue reading “On Contempt of Congress”