On Rudy Guiliani’s Speech to the RNC

Said I, to a friend of mine, just now: “God, Rudy sounds like a limp dick.” Now, to watch Sarah Palin. Is there a drinking game for Palin’s speech? Anyone know? ETA: A late update. Rudy Guiliani obviously did not receive the Republican talking points for his speech. He used the word “torture” when describingContinue reading “On Rudy Guiliani’s Speech to the RNC”

On John McCain and His Lack of Judgment

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has had a lousy seventy-two hours. That’s the only real conclusion that one can draw as news reports about the Republican Vice Presidential pick filter in. She was affiliated with and was a member of a secessionist political party, the Alaska Independence Party. She’s hired a lawyer in advance of herContinue reading “On John McCain and His Lack of Judgment”

On Hurricane Gustav and the Republicans

I feel like this website has turned into all politics, all the time… *sigh* Hurricane Gustav, as I write this, has been downgraded to a Category 3 hurricane, and it may restrengthen to Category 4 — or possibly Category 5 — later today. The hurricane is expected to make landfall in Louisiana sometime on Monday.Continue reading “On Hurricane Gustav and the Republicans”

On Sarah Palin, Tactics, and the Cynicism of John McCain

Yesterday, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain made his pick for his vice presidential running mate — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Who? To be frank, a week ago I hadn’t even heard of Sarah Palin. It’s my fault for not watching The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, I suppose. Here’s a quick biography. AgedContinue reading “On Sarah Palin, Tactics, and the Cynicism of John McCain”

On Vice Presidential Thoughts

I’ve decided, this should be my motto — “I read Red State, so you don’t have to.” Red State is a conservative blog/community. If you’re familiar with DailyKos, then Red State is like that. Except where DailyKos is a progressive community, Red State is a conservative community. I wade into Red State about once aContinue reading “On Vice Presidential Thoughts”

On Presidential and Vice Presidential Picks

As I was taking the laundry down off the line, I made an intriguing realization. This year’s Democratic ticket is the first since 1984 without a presidential or vice presidential candidate that hails from the old Confederacy. 2008 — Obama (Illinois)/Biden (Delaware) 2004 — Kerry (Massachusetts)/Edwards (North Carolina) 2000 — Gore (Tennessee)/Lieberman (Connecticut) 1996 —Continue reading “On Presidential and Vice Presidential Picks”