Link Round-Up: December 21

Here are some things I read today that interested me. Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God? – Yes. Next question? (For more about this, see my link round-up for December 17th.) NPR 12 Days of Christmas Songs: ‘Christmas Time Is Here’ Is A Hymn for the Ages – As part of their “12Continue reading “Link Round-Up: December 21”

The Lost Characters of A Charlie Brown Christmas

There’s a good chance that you may have seen this on social media last week — a flash mob got together and performed the dance from A Charlie Brown Christmas on the street in New York City: This was shared at the office, and I wrote in the e-mail chain, “I can never tell 3Continue reading “The Lost Characters of A Charlie Brown Christmas”

The Dark Underside to A Charlie Brown Christmas

On Saturday I put up my Christmas tree. It looks nice, especially against the brick wall in my living room. It’s properly festive. Yesterday evening, I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. How could I not? It’s not Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas, I’ve already listened to the album at least twice since last week,Continue reading “The Dark Underside to A Charlie Brown Christmas”

On Peanuts Christmas Music and Specials

My mom loves Christmas, and she always has. She puts up four or five Christmas trees each year, and each tree has a theme. There’s a Santa Claus tree, a Candy Cane tree, a fruit tree, a tinsel tree, and a couple of other themes besides. She also watches the Hallmark Movie Channel frequently, andContinue reading “On Peanuts Christmas Music and Specials”