On Shamrock Fest 2013

To get to Shamrock Fest, I had to navigate a phalanx of Bible-thumpers. Shamrock Fest is an Irish and Celtic music festival held annually at RFK Stadium, and the organizers recommend that people take the DC Metro to reach the music festival. You take the Blue or Orange line, disembark at the Stadium-Armory stop, climbContinue reading “On Shamrock Fest 2013”

On the Shamrock Fest 2012 Post-Mortem

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to spend much money on CDs at Shamrock Fest. After last year, when I bought five CDs (two from the Charm City Saints, two from Barleyjuice, and one from The Gobshites), what more was there to buy? Well… Shamrock Fest is a Celtic rock/punk festival held in DCContinue reading “On the Shamrock Fest 2012 Post-Mortem”

On the Shamrock Fest Post-Mortem

Contrary to recent appearances, allyngibson.com is not an all-music, all-the-time blog. I do listen to music, I do write about music from time to time, but I don’t really have the right vocabulary to write knowingly or critically about music. I really just write about the stuff that I like and the stuff that makesContinue reading “On the Shamrock Fest Post-Mortem”

On Musical Musings

Recently, I’ve been listening to some Celtic rock and Celtic punk bands. Not because I felt an overwhelming need, a musical itch I had to scratch, much like my recent compulsion to listen to Radiohead’s OK Computer, a compulsion that burned itself out after two days. Rather, it’s for research purposes. Part of “THOD” revolvesContinue reading “On Musical Musings”