Steven Moffat and the Difficult Second Album Theory

A band will come out with a kick-ass debut album. Acclaimed, inventive, groundbreaking. Then they come out with a second album, and it’s… well, it’s disappointing. Some of it feels like a retread of what worked before. Some of it is unique, but it’s not as well thought out as the original album was. (Mumford … Continue reading Steven Moffat and the Difficult Second Album Theory

On This Autumn’s Anticipated Albums

In the next two months, there are five albums I’m looking forward to. Actually six, if you count the freebie disc cover-mounted on MOJO each month, but some people wouldn’t. Let’s take it from the top: New Blood — Peter Gabriel, October 10 Last year Peter Gabriel released a covers album, Scratch My Back. He … Continue reading On This Autumn’s Anticipated Albums

On Coldplay’s New Single

Last Friday, Coldplay released a new single from their forthcoming album, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” It’s the band’s first song since their Christmas release, “Christmas Lights,” which I liked. “Christmas Lights” had to grow on me, true, because it was so atypical of where the band’s last albumw as — “Christmas Lights” sounds muchly … Continue reading On Coldplay’s New Single

On Another Free Coldplay Song

I came into work this morning, to find in my e-mail inbox the Coldplay newsletter. There’s a new free song to download, “Death Will Never Conquer.” It’s an odd song. Piano based. Sounds like a ragtime-like riff on a Southern spiritual. It also sounds unfinished. It’s amiable. But, hey, it’s free!