On Pre-Primary Thoughts

Maryland votes today. In what some might consider an ironic turn, I received yesterday my official John Edwards ’08 t-shirt. (The magnetic bumper sticker? Still on back-order.) The order was placed, a donation made, and then… Edwards suspended his campaign. Edwards is still on the ballot here in Maryland. At least, according to the state’sContinue reading “On Pre-Primary Thoughts”

On the Coming Crack-Up

Here’s an interesting little story. The “Religious Right” isn’t happy with the Republican Party. The GOP doesn’t value their interests. The GOP isn’t fighting for what they want. And they really don’t like Rudy Guiliani. What does all this mean? There’s the obvious fear, on the part of the Republicans, that the religious voting blocContinue reading “On the Coming Crack-Up”

On Voting and a Recurring Dream

I’ve had a recurring dream the past few days. The first time it happened I woke terrified. It haunted me after I woke in the morning, as much from its subject matter as its vividness. And I’ve been gripped with a terror ever since. In the dream a space shuttle crashes. It’s coming in forContinue reading “On Voting and a Recurring Dream”

On the Upcoming Elections

The Atlantic posted an article online by Jack Beatty earlier this week entitled “War and the American Voter.” Beatty looks at the historical parallels between this year’s Congressional elections and previous Congressional elections during wartime. Beatty’s conclusion? Things don’t look good for the Grand Old Party: In the five wartime congressional elections since 1860, theContinue reading “On the Upcoming Elections”

On Pelosi's Plan

House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi unveiled a plan that she would like to enact if the Democrats can take control of the House in this November’s mid-term elections. From the Washington Post: Franklin Roosevelt had his first hundred days. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is thinking 100 hours, time enough, she says, toContinue reading “On Pelosi's Plan”

Some Fictional Perspective

“If the re-election of George W Bush for his second term as President has a significance in terms of global history, it is that this, far more than his original accession to power, was the point when certain facts became clear to the traditional allies of the USA. Namely, that not only was the behemothicContinue reading “Some Fictional Perspective”

Reflections on the Presidential Election

What happened four years ago–Florida, the Supreme Court, the election of Bush rather than Gore–shook my confidence in the American political process. What happened on Tuesday–the re-election of Bush (or the first election of Bush, depending on how you felt about Bush v. Gore four years ago)–shook my confidence in the American people. At timesContinue reading “Reflections on the Presidential Election”