Barbarian Lord

Barbarian Lord Clarion Books Written & Drawn by Matt Smith I have always been fascinated by the Vikings, their history, and their myths. When I was young, it was Leif Ericsson, not Christopher Columbus, that I admired. When I learned that Tolkien had taken the names of the characters in The Hobbit and The LordContinue reading “Barbarian Lord”

On Rereading Elric

Over the holiday weekend, I reread some of Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melniboné stories. The proximate cause was my recent consumption of The Coming of the Terraphiles, a forthcoming Doctor Who novel by Moorcock. I was given an advance reading copy at work before the holiday; I alternated between reading that and George R.R. Martin’sContinue reading “On Rereading Elric”

On F. Scott Fitzgerald and Heroic Fantasy

Little known fact. F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby and coiner of the term “The Jazz Age,” wrote heroic fantasy. Why bring this up? On a mailing list I subscribe to the question was asked, “It’s interesring to note that though Hemingway and Fitzgerald did make it big, they still were miserable andContinue reading “On F. Scott Fitzgerald and Heroic Fantasy”