A Beautiful Day for Baseball

Today was a lovely day — sunny, blustery, temperatures right around 50 degrees — so there was no reason to spend it inside. This was far cry from last Saturday when we had snow flurries, and so I took advantage of it. I went to a baseball game. My last baseball game was Game 2Continue reading “A Beautiful Day for Baseball”

On Striking High School Students

On Monday, I’m going to Washington DC for the first time since the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or March to Keep Fear Alive. The reason? The Chicago Cubs (my team) are in DC playing the Washington Nationals (my local team), and then I’m going to stick around in town for A Capitol Fourth, the concert/fireworksContinue reading “On Striking High School Students”

On a Reminder of the Past

I received in the mail today a “Save the Date” postcard. My 20 year high school reunion is this year, midway through Wedmath. I’m not planning on attending. The reasons aren’t complicated, and were probably best explicated by Martin Blank in Grosse Pointe Blank — “I don’t know what I have in common with thoseContinue reading “On a Reminder of the Past”