Jeb Bush and Reckoning with the Iraq War

Now that the Iraq War — and why it happened — has been put back on the radar thanks to Jeb Bush, we need to keep an important fact in mind about how it happened. The whole “if we knew then what we know now” formulation that various Republicans are trying to flaot is besideContinue reading “Jeb Bush and Reckoning with the Iraq War”

More on Frum and the GOP in 2016

On Saturday, I wrote about a piece David Frum wrote for The Atlantic in whihc he discussed the lessons the can learn from David Cameron and the Tories. I called Frum’s piece “misguided,” as it seems to have been written in complete disregard for who today’s Republican Party is. “It’s as though Frum has neverContinue reading “More on Frum and the GOP in 2016”

The GOP’s 2016 Straw Poll

I received an e-mail today from the Republican National Committee. They wanted my input — mine! — on who their 2016 nominee should be! Friend, You are one of a handful of conservatives whom I have selected to take the confidential 2016 Presidential Straw Poll. The battle for the White House has already begun. That’sContinue reading “The GOP’s 2016 Straw Poll”