More on Frum and the GOP in 2016

On Saturday, I wrote about a piece David Frum wrote for The Atlantic in whihc he discussed the lessons the can learn from David Cameron and the Tories. I called Frum’s piece “misguided,” as it seems to have been written in complete disregard for who today’s Republican Party is. “It’s as though Frum has never … Continue reading More on Frum and the GOP in 2016

The GOP’s 2016 Straw Poll

I received an e-mail today from the Republican National Committee. They wanted my input — mine! — on who their 2016 nominee should be! Friend, You are one of a handful of conservatives whom I have selected to take the confidential 2016 Presidential Straw Poll. The battle for the White House has already begun. That’s … Continue reading The GOP’s 2016 Straw Poll