On Liddy Dole’s Bigotry

A week and a half ago I wrote about anti-atheist bigotry in the North Carolina Senate race. A group had cut an attack ad tying Democratic challenger Kay Hagan to a political action committe, the Godless Americans PAC. Senator Elizabeth Dole cut her own ad, “Promises.” It’s harsh. The closing moments, of Kay Hagan’s faceContinue reading “On Liddy Dole’s Bigotry”

On Political Action Committees and Anti-Athiest Bigotry

Yes, people, I read Red State so you don’t have to. Sometimes, I read conservatives writing about things that simply make no sense to me. Today, however, I found something that angered me. In North Carolina, Liddy Dole is running for reelection to the Senate. Now, I’ve written about Dole in the past; when sheContinue reading “On Political Action Committees and Anti-Athiest Bigotry”