David Brooks’ Historical Perspective

David Brooks penned a column in today’s New York Times about how the presidential campaign has made him realize how much he has taken President Obama for granted and that, all things considered, he (Obama, that is) is not a monster. I can see the two reactions this column will generate. On the right, theContinue reading “David Brooks’ Historical Perspective”

On the New York Times Personality Quiz

The New York Times is doing a little personality test. Like most personality test, it asks questions about your interests. Unlike most personality tests, the answers are visual, not verbal. My results? You’re Culture Curious People often comment on your sense of calm and refined nature. Your love of all things arty often shines throughContinue reading “On the New York Times Personality Quiz”

On Bill Kristol

For New Years the New York Times made a resolution to add Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, to their editorial pages. Kristol’s career as a Republican thinker is well-known. He was Dan Quayle’s Chief of Staff. He argued strongly that the Clinton health care proposals had to be defeated completely, not compromised upon,Continue reading “On Bill Kristol”