On Six Songs of Me

Can people’s lives be measured meaningfully by the music they listen to? That’s the question NPR raises in an article on The Guardian‘s “Six Songs of Me” project which seeks to understand how people identify themselves by the music they listen to. The six questions… What was the first song you ever bought? What songContinue reading “On Six Songs of Me”

On the Thursday View

However did it get to be Thursday? Oh, that’s right. Work. This is the week that all the publications go to press. I’ve been occasionally stressed, always busy. To my surprise, I worked a regular day yesterday; usually, on the Wednesday of this week each month, I work late, until seven, sometimes eight, occasionally nine.Continue reading “On the Thursday View”

On the New Jaydiohead EP

Last month, when my friends Natalie and Beau got married, I made a couple of music requests at the wedding reception. The deejay, unfortunately, couldn’t fill any of them. The first? Elbow’s “Mirrorball.” It’s one of my favorite songs of theirs, as it tells the romantic story of two souls finding one another. (I thinkContinue reading “On the New Jaydiohead EP”