An Ancient Rivalry Resumed

If you were to ask a Chicago Cubs fan who the Cubs’ rival is, most Cubs fans would say it’s the St. Louis Cardinals. There’s some truth to that, especially in the last fifteen years or so with the division realignments and the unbalanced schedule, but that wasn’t always true. If you go back intoContinue reading “An Ancient Rivalry Resumed”

My Wild Card Predictions

This weekend I was rooting for UTTER CHAOS! I wanted a four-way tie for the American League wild card and a three-way tie for the National League wild card. I wanted the Tigers to play a make-up game today. I wanted tiebreaking games 163 and 164. I wanted CHAOS! Instead, the season ended quite calmly.Continue reading “My Wild Card Predictions”

Playoff Baseball in DC

On Saturday I was in DC for a baseball game. Post-season baseball. The National League Divisional Series. The Nationals versus the Giants. It was not my first live experience with post-season baseball. Last year I attended a playoff game between the Harrisburg Senators and the Erie SeaWolves, and then a few days later I attendedContinue reading “Playoff Baseball in DC”

The Peanuts Gang and the All-Star Game

I’m about to criticize something that I think is neat. Why? Because it’s absolutely wrong. MLB and the Minnesota Twins have teamed up to produce a series of commemorative statues for this year’s MLB All-Star Game with the Peanuts gang. It’s a natural, right? Charlie Brown and the gang spent a lot of time onContinue reading “The Peanuts Gang and the All-Star Game”