On the Cost of LEGO and New Worlds to Explore

A few days ago on All Things Considered, NPR’s Planet Money wanted to know, “Why are Legos (sic) so expensive?” The segment compared LEGO to MegaBloks. While Mega’s products are less expensive, their annual global sales are only about 10 percent of LEGO’s. The segment pointed to several factors — better manufacturing techniques for LEGO,Continue reading “On the Cost of LEGO and New Worlds to Explore”

On My Steampunk-Style

Seen on others’ blogs… If I were to dress in a steampunk-style, what would I be? Hmm… Your result for The Steampunk Style Test… The Ragamuffin 25% Elegant, 41% Technological, 30% Historical, 24% Adventurous and 46% Playful! You are the Ragamuffin, the embodiment of steampunk playfulness.  Chances are, you approach the genre from a muchContinue reading “On My Steampunk-Style”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

I bought some comics recently. Aetheric Mechanics Avatar Press Written by Warren Ellis Art by Gianluca Pagliarani In the year 1907, England is at war with Ruritania on the Continent. France is besieged,and Grand Fenwick has been overrun by Ruritanian forces. England’s spacefleet is keeping London safe, while Ruritanian ships are sighted off Mars, andContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”