James Bond: Vargr

James Bond: Vargr Published by Dynamite Entertainment Written by Warren Ellis Art by Jason Masters I saw my first James Bond movie before I was ten. I have no idea, at the span of decades, which film it was, but it was almost certainly a presentation of the ABC Sunday Night Movie, back when thatContinue reading “James Bond: Vargr”

On Arthurian Musings

On a bulletin board I frequent there has recently been some discussion of Merlin, the BBC series of which NBC recently finished broadcasting its first season. In Merlin, the titular wizard is anything but a wizard. He’s teenaged. He has powers, but he’s untrained in them. The use of magic is forbidden in the landsContinue reading “On Arthurian Musings”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

I have a stack of comics, some read, some not. Here are three that caught my attention the past few weeks. Ruins. Marvel Comics Written by Warren Ellis Art by Cliff & Terese Nielsen Fans of Star Trek fiction may recognize the artist for Ruins; yes, years before he did the Deep Space Nine novelContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On Rediscovering Planetary

Warren Ellis is my mortal enemy. Okay, okay, he’s not, really. I’ve never met Ellis. Ellis would have no idea who I was. Yet I’m massively impressed by the man’s versatility as a writer, he’s skilled at writing anything, and I’m jealous. Yes, I’m jealous. Thus, Ellis is my mortal enemy. 🙂 I bring thisContinue reading “On Rediscovering Planetary”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

I bought some comics recently. Aetheric Mechanics Avatar Press Written by Warren Ellis Art by Gianluca Pagliarani In the year 1907, England is at war with Ruritania on the Continent. France is besieged,and Grand Fenwick has been overrun by Ruritanian forces. England’s spacefleet is keeping London safe, while Ruritanian ships are sighted off Mars, andContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”