Thoughts on Mars Attacks Red Sonja

I had a bunch of unread comic books piling up, so yesterday afternoon I sorted through them, decided that some of them were never going to get read and put them in a box for recycling, then picked through the rest to read something. I wanted to read Lavie Tidhar and Paul McCaffrey’s Adler, butContinue reading “Thoughts on Mars Attacks Red Sonja”

Things I’ve Been Reading: James Bond: Service

Tragically, Ian Fleming only wrote 8 James Bond short stories. (Nine, if you count the short piece about making scrambled eggs. I do not.) I say “tragically,” as I consider “The Living Daylights” to be Fleming’s finest James Bond work. (The Timothy Dalton film The Living Daylights generally does justice to Fleming’s short story inContinue reading “Things I’ve Been Reading: James Bond: Service”

James Bond: Vargr

James Bond: Vargr Published by Dynamite Entertainment Written by Warren Ellis Art by Jason Masters I saw my first James Bond movie before I was ten. I have no idea, at the span of decades, which film it was, but it was almost certainly a presentation of the ABC Sunday Night Movie, back when thatContinue reading “James Bond: Vargr”