On Peanuts and Sudoku Puzzles

I like Sudoku puzzles. I love Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. And, curiously, there is a book that combines them both — the Peanuts Sudoku Comic Digest. I say “curiously,” because there’s nothing intrinsic in Peanuts that lends itself to Sudoku. Schulz had passed away before the Sudoku craze became a craze, and there are no PeanutsContinue reading “On Peanuts and Sudoku Puzzles”

There is one thing I never do, never ever do, when I complete a Sudoku puzzle. I never guess. Sherlock Holmes famously said in The Sign of Four that a guess is “destructive to the logical faculty,” and I am not inclined to disagree. When it comes to Sudoku I puzzle it out, I thinkContinue reading