On the Virginia League

I was probably eight or nine when I went to my first baseball game. The Harrisonburg Turks vs. the… Somebodies.  The New Market Rebels?  The Winchester Royals?  I don’t remember at the span of thirty years. There’s a baseball league in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the Valley League.  It’s a collegiate summer league, not a minorContinue reading “On the Virginia League”

On ReDeus: Divine Tales

The gods of ancient Greece and Rome. They were myths, right? The stories of the Vikings, about the nine worlds and the trickster Loki and Ragnarok, those were just stories, weren’t they? The spirits of the British isles, they weren’t real, were they? What if they were true? What if the gods we think ofContinue reading “On ReDeus: Divine Tales”

On Sending a Story Into the Wild

Three weeks ago I mentioned that I was writing a new short story. If you followed me on Twitter on Saturday and Sunday, you may have noticed that I was writing furiously on the story. I had a deadline to meet, after all. Yesterday I finished the story. The first draft weighed in a littleContinue reading “On Sending a Story Into the Wild”