On the Time War

I don’t often share YouTube videos, but I saw this video and was rather impressed. Someone put together a trailer for Doctor Who: The Time War. The Time War, for those unfamiliar with it, is the conflict that’s been mentioned in the new series on several occasions in which the Daleks and the Time Lords fought for all creation, and the Time Lords lost leaving Gallifrey a burned husk and the Time Lords exterminated.

The trailer is fanwanky as hell, from an ominous Tom Baker voice-over (taken from “The Deadly Assassin” and “State of Decay”) to the fate of the eighth Doctor, and it uses far too many clips of the Daleks from “Parting of the Ways” (but really, what other options were there?). 🙂 I like it, though.

Truthfully, I don’t really want to see a Time War film. Some mysteries don’t need to be answered. Paint an outline of the picture, but leave the important details hazy. Let fans envision something far more imaginative. Don’t lock the details down. 🙂

However, I think the Time War might be particularly suited as a manga. Yes, a Doctor Who manga. Draw armies of Daleks and Cyberman and Autons and Draconians, fleets of starships, burning planets. A manga, definitely…

Check out that trailer, it’s really quite entertaining as fan-made trailers go. :tardis:

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2 thoughts on “On the Time War

  1. Eh. He lost me the moment he brought Eccleston into the picture. It makes far more sense for McGann to survive the Time War, and regenerate late.

  2. The regeneration was the misstep in the trailer, yes, I’ll agree with that.

    To mess with people, if I were making a Time War movie starring Paul McGann that was going to end with a regeneration into the ninth Doctor? I’d have him regenerate into someone other than Eccleston. Regenerate into Richard E. Grant. Or Hugh Grant. Or Keira Knightley, for that matter. Let the fanboys sort out the wreckage. 👿

    (Actually, no. Keira Knightley will never be Doctor material. I could, however, imagine her as Romana in like five years.)

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