On Revisiting Paul McGann’s Doctor Who Movie

For the first time in a decade, I watched Paul McGann’s single televised outing as the Doctor. The Doctor Who television movie, aired on Fox in 1996, has been unavailable in North America on video or DVD since, well, forever, due largely to the rights issues between the BBC, Vivendi-Universal, and Fox itself, over how … Continue reading On Revisiting Paul McGann’s Doctor Who Movie

Should the Torch Be Passed?

In a posting on TrekBBS’s Science Fiction forum V’Ger asked (with spelling and punctuation corrected), “[U]nless the [new Doctor Who] series plans to do a flashback with McGann regenerating down the line [into the Christopher Eccleston Doctor] (Perhaps a Doctor team-up?), how should the eighth Doctor bow out, say, in a novel or audio drama?” … Continue reading Should the Torch Be Passed?

On the Christmas Round-Up

Ah, Christmas. It’s over. I think I can breathe now. What an incredible Christmas! At Electronics Boutique, we would do as much in a single day as Payless would do in an entire week. There were moments of extreme insanity. I know people keep talking about the terrible recession we’ve found ourselves in, but I … Continue reading On the Christmas Round-Up