On Bernard Cornwell and Doctor Who

Yesterday, I made an odd, random little Tweet: Won’t happen, but I wish Bernard Cornwell would write a Doctor Who/Sharpe novel, preferably starring the eighth Doctor In truth, the tweet wasn’t that random; my commute read this week has been Cornwell’s Sharpe’s Gold. Nor was it that odd; I like Cornwell’s prose and find itContinue reading “On Bernard Cornwell and Doctor Who”

On Revisiting Paul McGann’s Doctor Who Movie

For the first time in a decade, I watched Paul McGann’s single televised outing as the Doctor. The Doctor Who television movie, aired on Fox in 1996, has been unavailable in North America on video or DVD since, well, forever, due largely to the rights issues between the BBC, Vivendi-Universal, and Fox itself, over howContinue reading “On Revisiting Paul McGann’s Doctor Who Movie”