On Redecoration

It’s spring. I’m feeling the itch.

The itch, that is, to vary up the look of the website.

So, I created a custom stylesheet to overlay formatting styles on top of Tarski. I’ve done this before; that was how my Doctor Who look two years ago worked. Tarski was the underlying code, and then a custom stylesheet on top of that modified things.

I took a free CSS template I had laying around — “Space Travel Is Boring” by Collin Grasley — and started from that.

I’d downloaded this stylesheet last fall, and I spent an afternoon hammering it into a WordPress theme that I ultimately never used.

I still had the files, though, and I took the color stylings from that to create a custom stylesheet.

I actually don’t like it. There’s nothing wrong with the design. I think it looks fine.

I’m just not a fan of the light text on dark background look.

So it may only stay around for a day or three.

I used one of Tarski’s built-in header graphics instead of the rocketship from “Space Travel.”

Last night’s House was wrenching to watch.

Also, did David Carson direct the episode? There weren’t any lights on anywhere. It was like Picard and his lackeys in Star Trek: Generations forgetting to pay the electric bill all over again.

Sorry, just kidding.

I thought the cinematography on House last night was rather stunning. The dark, somber tones and lighting schemes gave everything a haunting look.

I wasn’t expecting the turns of events that closed the first act. At all.

House is going to get gloomy, methinks.

Cubs :cubs: won yesterday. Nationals lost.

The campaign begins!

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2 thoughts on “On Redecoration

  1. I haven’t seen last night’s House yet (though I’ve encountered the big spoiler [though I’m told it comes at the beginning of the episode {first act curtain, you say here}, so is it a spoiler or a teaser?]). But the Enterprise-E bridge has always had crappy lighting too.

  2. The SPOILER comes about ten minutes in.

    Pre-credits, we meet Patients of the Week, husband and wife.

    The SPOILER comes at the first commercial break after the credits. There’s a couple of misdirects leading up to it.

    And I was partially spoiled on it — I knew that that something was coming, only I was expecting it to happen to someone else.

    The fallout from that makes for pretty compelling television. I found the final scenes emotionally wrenching.

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