Coding Myself a VPN Toggle

At fifty, I am becoming the Linux nerd I feel I should have been at twenty-five.

I had a problem. I wanted an easy way to connect and disconnect from Diamond’s VPN. Yes, I could use the Network Connections interface in Linux Mint, but sometimes it expands while I was navigating to the VPN toggle and I accidentally attempt to connect to another WiFi network. Or, I could have set my VPN to autoconnect, as my WiFi does, except I don’t always need to be connected to the VPN. So, I wanted some sort of simple toggle–if the VPN is on, turn it off; if off, turn it on.

Could it be done with a script? I knew how — or, at least I had the commands in a documentation file I wrote for myself last year — to turn the VPN on or off from the command line. What I needed was a way to test the VPN’s status, then execute the right command based on that status.

First, with thanks to the Googles, I figured out how to determine if the VPN was active from the command line with the ifconfig command. Then I wrote an if statement off that command, plugged in the nmcli commands that activate/deactivate the VPN, and tested it.

It worked! On! Off! On! Off!

One little thing annoyed me. Activating the VPN popped up a notification that the VPN was active. Deactivating the VPN did not have a similar result. I discovered the notify-send command and created a deactivation notification.

I created a desktop file so I could call the script from my taskbar. I felt quite good. I had a problem, and I had solved it.

This morning, I decided I wanted to be able to activate and deactivate the VPN from my notifications instead. It makes sense; that’s where I look for my network status. So I would need a Cinnamon Applet.

I didn’t need anything fancy, just an icon I could click on and it executes the script. The Linux Mint website has some basic documentation for creating an applet, and I started from there. I took their samples, made a few edits, and gave it a try.

It didn’t work.

The problem was, I didn’t know how to execute a shell command from a javascript file. Google again was my friend, and I found a blog post that had exactly the information I needed. I needed to add this const, I needed to use that js command. I made my edits, restarted Cinnamon, and…

It worked!

I have been careful not to turn on and turn off the VPN too rapidly, lest I lock myself out of the network.

The problem I had — a simple toggle to control my connection status with the work VPN — was solved.

No wonder I am “the problem project person” at work. See the problem, solve the problem.

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