On Rewriting a Podcast Script

Three weeks ago I wrote the script for the introductory episode for the podcast I’m planning to launch later this spring.

I made some revisions the next day — I realized I’d completely overlooked something crucial — printed it out a few days later…

And then I let it sit, so I could come to it fresh.

I reread the script in a slack moment at Farpoint, then I read it aloud yesterday.

It needs a page one rewrite, basically.

It’s not terrible, let me stress that.  The first page is very much what I want.  There’s quality on the third page.  But there’s an awkward join between the two pages on the second page, the fourth page is lifeless, and the conclusion is weak.  Some of the information could be presented better, some crucial information isn’t there, the tone isn’t right (some of it is too serious), and I need to make a better case for why this topic matters to me and is important.

Hence, the need for the rewrite.

Fortunately, I have words on the page that can be salvaged and I can “see” what needs to be done.

Most of what I have I’ll toss, which is why I describe this as a “page one rewrite,” a screenwriting term where a writer tosses the draft and starts anew.  I’ve written new ideas and better approaches for what I want to say in the margins and on separate sheets of notepaper. The structure works, but the words on the page don’t.

Once I have more, I’ll commit a new draft.

Then the process will begin again. :)

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