Hellboy on the silver screen

I saw the Hellboy movie a few days ago. I liked the film, though it’s not without some problems. The film’s greatest flaw is also, I think, it’s greatest strength–its fidelity to the source material. A person who knows the Hellboy comics will have a ball with this film, identifying which story which little throwawayContinue reading “Hellboy on the silver screen”

On Star Trek Comics Crossovers

Comic book crossovers. They happen all the time. Fans love ’em. Why not for Star Trek? We’ve had two–the two X-Men crossovers by Marvel in the mid-90s. But what of other possibilities? I’ve wanted to read a Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes comic crossover since the Giffen/Bierbaum era of the Legion, which would put us somewhere aroundContinue reading “On Star Trek Comics Crossovers”