On Taking to the Skies with Snoopy

So, how long have I had an Xbox 360? Five years? How much have I played it? Umm. I think maybe three hours. Today I hooked it up, attached a network adapter, and signed up for Xbox Live. Like I said a year and a half ago, I really wanted Snoopy Flying Ace. I’d neverContinue reading “On Taking to the Skies with Snoopy”

On Civ-Builders and Authoritarianism

Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan‘s blog at The Atlantic linked to an essay at The American Prospect by Monica Potts on how civ-building computer games don’t really allow for liberal-progressive solutions to life’s problems. Games like The Sims and Civilization model a rightward ideology, if not by design then certainly by practice. There are many ways toContinue reading “On Civ-Builders and Authoritarianism”

On the Medal of Honor Controversy

We live in an age of artificial controversies and manufactured indignation. How else to explain the kerfuffle over the new Medal of Honor video game? Medal of Honor has, for a decade now, been one of the top military first-person shooters, all set around World War II. The first game was loosely based on SavingContinue reading “On the Medal of Honor Controversy”

On Dreams of EB Games

I dreamt last night of EB Games. I was in my store, in Cary. I was alone in the store. Presumably, it was before I unlocked the door. Early morning, then. My store was… odd. The fixtures were big, bulky, wooden things. No other EB Games store looked like mine. The walls were brown. TheContinue reading “On Dreams of EB Games”

On the Upcoming Age of Empires Online

Two years after Microsoft shuttered Ensemble Studios, the makers of the Age of Empires real-time strategy game series, Microsoft has announced a new chapter in the venerable series — Age of Empires Online The game is being developed by Robot Entertainment, an outfit comprised of former AoE vets, and it’s to be played in aContinue reading “On the Upcoming Age of Empires Online”

On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness

I received an e-mail from GameStop this evening… Dear Wayward GameStop Customer, We miss you. And we’re worried. There must be some reason why you haven’t been responding to our emails. We’re wondering if you still want them – bursting with the latest from GameStop: Exclusive game trailers GameStop exclusive bonus items Events at storesContinue reading “On Putting an End to GameStop’s Neediness”

On the Conquest of Patagonia

Queen Isabella of Spain has long been a dangerous enemy. Her forces are strong, her will indomitable. Among the wilds of Patagonia, I thought, she would prove to be a formidable ally. Patagonia is an interesting land. Legend has it that the Dread Pirate Roberts retired there and raises sheep among its hills to thisContinue reading “On the Conquest of Patagonia”

On Conquest in the Patagonia

Ah, Napoleon. My favorite sparring partner. I had never visited the Patagonia, despite the firm knowledge that the Dread Pirate Roberts had once retired there. It seemed an auspicious location for battle, ripe for conquest. Rocky shores, highland lakes, long and flat plateaus. Yes, indeed, this would be the site of my next battle. MyContinue reading “On Conquest in the Patagonia”